EXCLUSIVE: New York Times bestseller The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu is getting a documentary adaptation with director Otto Bell (The Eagle Huntress) and producers Argent Pictures (Chasing Coral), Idil Ibrahim (Fishing Without Nets) and fledgling UK outfit Cove Pictures.

Written by Joshua Hammer, the book, released in April 2017, follows the true story of a group of librarians who undertook a daring cultural evacuation to save ancient texts from Al Qaeda.
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New films by emerging female directors at the 25th New York African Film Festival are breaking fresh ground
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A Conversation with Filmmaker, Activist, and Badass Woman Idil Ibrahim
— Shay Maunz, Glamour Magazine

Idil was selected as one of five women directors to direct a short project for The Girl Project in Malawi. Her work was featured in the magazine

When we know each other’s stories, it makes it easier to resist together.
— Muna Mire, Elle

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Home Is Where the ‘Sole’ Is for Documentary Filmmaker Idil Ibrahim
— Instagram's blog March 30, 2017
Idil featured on Instagram's  blog .

Idil featured on Instagram's blog.

We talk to lead actress and director of the Making Of Fishing Without Nets documentary Idil Ibrahim to get a peek behind the scenes while also comparing the film to its big screen predecessors. Check out the trailer for the 2012 award-winning short, which was expanded on to make this year’s Fishing Without Nets feature film. Read the full story in this issue of Astronaut Magazine. Posted by Sophia in May 2014.
— Astronaut Magazine, May 2014

In the face of Trump’s travel ban, refugees and asylum seekers build bridges and break bread––together
— Fusion.net

For families with roots in countries targeted by Trump’s travel ban, this holiday season is a particularly complicated time to explore what being American truly means.

Meet Idil Ibrahim, a Somali American who’s celebrating the holidays with a delicious goat stew
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Idil Ibrahim celebrates the holidays with a delicious Somali goat stew called hilib ari, a traditional dish that’s all about community, culture and ancestry